We're back!

Many of you that have emailed support requests using one of the support mechanisms will have noticed that we went silent for a little while 🙂

Sorry about that!

Steve is moving his family from Finland back to the UK so has been (and still is) without Internet Access, and since last Tuesday I’ve been out helping him bring his car back to the UK – that’s a fun drive from Helsinki in Finland, through Sweden, Denmark, Germany (not planned!) and finally in to the UK.

We were a day later than expected due to bad weather preventing our boat even arriving in Esbjerg, Denmark – let alone departing from it, so we had to extend our drive down to Hamburg in Germany and catch a boat from there instead.

I’m home now but still helping Steve get his stuff back in place so while i’m going to try and help out a bit it’s still going to be patchy on the support for a couple of days yet. Please bear with us, normal service will be resumed shortly 🙂

If it’s urgent and you used Email to ask us the question then please email me again so that it goes to the top of the pile – if you used the ‘Help’ button above then that’s great, I’ll be getting through those shortly. I’d recommend people use that system (Help button at the top of the screen) as the enquiries won’t get lost in the email deluge (I had over 600 new mails this morning!).

Also, remember there are the forums and other Dear Diary users might be able to help you out with your questions there.


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