Bouncing Email Addresses in Notify Lists

I’ve noticed a HUGE number of people have email addresses on other diarists notify lists which are no longer valid and are bouncing. The mailbox for the user who runs the webserver process (and is the sender of all notify mails) was over 160Meg when I returned to the UK!!

To that end, I have installed a script that will REMOVE all notifications from addresses that bounce in excess of three times. For most of the bounces this won’t be a problem, but sometimes mail server glitches may mean you inadvertantly get unsubscribed. If this happens, you’ll need to resubscribe to your favourite diaries again.

So far, and the script has only been in place an hour, there are 104 email addresses with a permanent, fatal, bounce!

Any other messages to the user who runs the web server are ignored and just silently deleted. So don’t try to write to it 🙂


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  1. But what about the email problem I’ve been having??? Matt tried to fix it but it’s still not working. Whenever someone sends an email to [email protected] I don’t receive it. I would like to see it fixed if possible… Many people have said they’ve sent me emails to that address and I never received any of them.

  2. YAY! I thought I lost some readers. Im sure they were 2 of the emails that were bouncing since one was an old email addy of a friend on my list who signed up the new name.

    Need to tell Darren that, we were all whining people didnt love us any longer. :)~

    By the way, I wrote u guys an email to make my diary entries private. :::Anxiously awaiting::: So my diary is totally private from everyone till this is done. Hurrryyy 🙂

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