Jades Email Part II

Jade actually did use the HELP button, I notice. But since I’ve been without net access for nearly three weeks I’ve not been able to answer it and clear up the backlog… My apologies, I shall get to that one shortly! Though its sort of superseded now 😉


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  1. Whoopsie! Mea culpa.

    Thanks Steve.

    You *do* put up with a lot from us, don’t you?

    [hangs head in shame and shuffles off to corner with stool and dunce cap]

  2. aahhhhh….. *light goes on*

    I wonder why not one person who tried to send me email to that address put a capitol on the J (including dear ol’ Matt)?

    Well, thanks for figuring out that problem… I’m going to go join Salamander in the dunce corner now.

  3. Hi Guys… you fixed one problem superbly. But I have another niggling little one now… uhhh when we changed my name… it appears all the images have disappeared from my atomic photo album. It says they are all there, but when I click on them i just get the dreaded red x!! Any ideas? I was going to email again but my email isn’t working either lol… not my day!!



  4. My email is fine – as far as I know!
    my query relates to the ‘Show Diaries’ option. This now says that I have made 0 contributions. Is this because of the update, or whatever it was you were doing earleir?
    I didn’t realise that was happening cos I haven’t got my comp at the moment.

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