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Please do NOT ask support questions in reader comments. Its almost impossible to sensibly reply and keep track of whether your query has been answered if you merely leave it as a comment. Please use the help button (which has a horrible backlog at the moment, so I apologise!) or email us. The email addresses are plastered over every page, you can’t forget them!

Support questions asked in the reader comment section of this diary are liable to be completely and totally unreplied to. Indeed, thats why they are called reader comments and not reader support requests.


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  1. Just a suggestion but who do you not have the newest entry show up when on clicks you name off the show list?
    Saves one much time to just go straight to last entry 🙂


  2. In light of your above plea, I’m writing this here anyway 😛 cuz it’s probably not all that important.

    You probably know this already but when you do a SHOW to pull up recently updated diaries, where it used to say how many entries that diarist has made, they all say 0 now.

  3. I went to use Help only to discover that the prob I left in the comments yesterday has been fixed ::evil grin:: who says it doesn’t work that way??? lol

    But I promise I will use HELP in the future!!


  4. Okay i don’t get it..
    so does that mean
    we can leave as many questions as we want here?
    1. …

    okay gotcha:).. promise I won’t
    *starts an evil laughter*
    ehemm excuse me .. i didn’t promise..
    i said I won’t
    if I weren’t lazy:P

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