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Wish I was still on a boat from Germany?

Ha ha! Serves you right!

Anyway, just to let you know, I’ve made another tweak, and judging by how badly the system WAS running before the tweak, and how much better it seems to be running now, it either means everyone got fed up and went and did something less boring, or that the tweak had some effect.

Basically, the DearDiary scripts were connecting across a UNIX socket (a special file on the UNIX filesystem, for two way communications) but that didn’t appear to be telling the database process if something went wrong and the DearDiary script had terminated early for some reason, so, the connection was stuck in this ‘Sending Data’ state…

I’ve switched it to use TCP/IP sockets, which is slightly (or, rather a lot) more inefficient, but does appear to be working better if something goes wrong and the script ends abnormally… There (at least at the moment) are no processes stuck in ‘Sending Data’ state… Is something wrong with Linux’s E_PIPE signalling with UNIX Domain sockets?

Fingers crossed…


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