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You need to login – then click Customize. Then choose General Diary

Options, Basic Settings. You should see the genre list in the popup window.

Make sure you click Save when you’re finished so the system accepts your


Please update your AOL security settings to allow us to mail you if you require assistance.

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  1. You sure do have a lot on your plate. Feel free to put me at the bottom of the list if you need to… I promise not to complain! 🙂

  2. OK..my virus scanner off the DD notification is going nuts.Im getting hundreds of notifications!!
    This is what one virus is, and I cant work out the other!!
    W32/Badtrans-B, BADTRANS.B,

  3. `safely gives you a hug if you want one`

    Everyone Needs A Hug,
    SecretHugger Team

    P.S. There are a number of programs with a 30 day trial offer that you can download off the internet if you don’t have a virus scanner on your computer. There are two that I will mention.

    `does searching`

    The first one is McAffee, it is what "hotmail.com" uses. Which can be found at


    The second one is Norton. Norton can be found at


    I hope this helps.


  4. Hi thanks for the help. My foster dad is cleaning the computer as I ended up losing the screen and it was sending out emails on mass.

    Im on the other computer and Im sure not going to any email until this is sorted.

    He cant find the fix for the other virus.He said it was a "worm" (??) too, but I got no knowledge of what it is doing, except causing havoc.

    OK…will let you know whats happening when he gets it sorted.Dont send me a email, Im dumping everything when its corrected.

    Thanks everyone.


  5. For Rosebud and others. Norton has a free trial anti-virus you can download for free. After the trial it’s 50 dollars.

    It will de-virus all emails coming in as well.

    I’ve been sent the worm virus 4 times in the last two days.

  6. FREE ANTI-VIRUS!!!! ok, go to http://www.grisoft.com and you can get free anti virus. Is pretty good, I use it. Of course if you have the money, go buy Norton Anti-virus. Anyways, Thought I’d let ya’ll know that. Take care people and always scan email.

  7. Hi….just thought I would fill you in.I think some others had the same trouble.

    The 2 viruses came On DD notifications. Both emails had blank subject lines initially until it started spreading and going nuts.

    My foster dad spent 5 hours (!!!!!) to get it clean. I dont understand this, but he said to say the emails mostly had a 41 size (???)and it was spreading without even opening email.Anything with a size 41 shouldnt be opened.

    Anyway, Im back on my computer and just wanted to say thanks for your advice.It was so scary. Now I know what virus do!!

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