Yet Another Virus

Visit Symantec’s web site for more information;[email protected]

As always, if you receive an email with an attachment you DIDNT ASK FOR, then DON’T OPEN IT

And make sure your Outlook Express is patched against the MIME vulnerability that allows mails to automatically open attachments.

Just for the record, if anyone tries sending the Goner virus to us they’ll get the standard warning.


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  1. Dear Diary must be some sort of early warning magnet for this stuff. The company I work for got hit with this thing within an hour or two of your notice (it wasn’t *my* fault, though). Thanks to your notice, I got to look and act knowlegeable about it – "You mean you guys hadn’t heard about this one yet? Try this site:"


  2. I got one of those emails in outlook express that just opened itself… it made it to where my ‘puter wouldn’t even start up… (mac)… so i had to search for my boot cd and blah, reinstall my os and all that … sick people… what is the purpose of creating a virus giving it to people you don’t know … to get your virus on the top ten or sumthin? blah…

    ok, anyway – i stopped in to ask sumthin. on the private comments, sometimes its frustrating because if you go back to edit, it automatically unchecks the private box then if you don’t recheck it – the comment becomes public and sometimes a big oops!

    was wondering if there is a way to (on the confirm comment part) to say if it’s a private comment or not… like in big bold letters or sumthin…

    also, on the open fiction part – i’ve been a lil frustrated that you can’t just click like a ‘next’ button to read another work (or random work) from a particular author… you have to go back to the menu, then pick sumthin… is the openfiction site being redone like the new DD version we are all patiently waiting for?

    you guys rock (still) and i can’t even imagine how much work you guys put into this site. as always its appreciated – my diary is my favorite place on the cyber planet…

    i’ve spread the word – and a few of my friends in real life have diaries here now… 🙂

    that’s it fer now.

    take care over there on your side of the pond.

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