Search (no, its not fixed, sorry)

I hear what everyone is saying, and quite agree that the Google search, whilst an awesome search engine for general web content, is not particularly suited to the task at hand. I will, at some point, once I’ve taken care of other scripts and things, investigate other means (again) to bring back the useful version of search.

There’s two possibilities;

1) Run searches on a completely seperate machine and send the results back to the DD server. This may be a possibility in the new year – and I’ll investigate it when it becomes a possibility.

2) Await the stable release of MySQL 4.0 which claims to build the fulltext indexes much faster than the 3.23 series which we’re presently using.

The likelihood is that both solutions will be used, but that number 2 will happen after number 1 has happened, as I am not prepared to use alpha quality (nor beta quality) software on the live database. We have too many users now for that to be an option.

So, please (and most of you are) be patient, search will return but it may be a few more weeks.


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  1. Actually, I’m finding that not having Search on line is forcing me to be a little more organized about my DD life. I finally have bookmarks, correct spellings of usenames, my name on notify lists ….

    You may well have done me a good turn by taking Search down for a while!

    Thank You! For your email. But I don’t know how the Risingstar was taken. Do you think I could ask you to try another name? I would like it to be Maiden.
    If you could try? Thank You

  3. How come every time I try to upload a photo to my atomic album nothing happens?

    I click browse, select the jpg to upload, then click the send/upload button and all that happens is that the path in the browse field gets erased. Nothing happens!


    Hi! I have been using dear diary for a year now and all of a sudden I cant log on, my password doesnt work any more. I have emailed the company for a new password but no response in a week, if you can help I would appreciate it. My login name is bigbertha and my email is [email protected]. Thanks

  5. i’ve been trying to figure out something in the customizer section…on the borders for the messages (entries, welcome message, etc)…how can you change the color of the border…mine are white, but I want them another color…
    Thanks for your help in advance…

  6. Hey there,
    Is something going on with comments? I had like 5, now I have 1 again, and I cant find the newest update to one in my mailbox, They just poofed and gone!


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