OK, its back

And as you can see from the autochosen date, its past midnight here in the UK…

I don’t yet know what caused the initial crash, and I may never know, sometimes software just goes belly up. But the initial data loss was caused by indexes being invalid and MySQL not alerting me to the fact that they were toast when I ran the checking process. Upon instructing it to check a little more thoroughly it came back and said, basically, ‘These indexes are f-f-f-flawed‘.

Or as Matt and I would say, fat… Fat flucked.

I believe I have recovered all the data now, however, if you notice something is missing please give me as much information about it as you can (time entered, userid and if possible some text from the entry) so that I can check the hot backup and restore any missing entries from there.

Thank you for your patience folks, apologies for the problems – I seem to be saying that a lot lately 🙁


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