IBill, the full story

I suddenly realised, that probably almost nobody knows what actually went on with the IBill thing…

So here is a link to another news article on one of our other sites (which takes a lot more subscribers and caught a lot more people out).

This entry is largely in answer to Salamander’s comment about ‘nice to have you on our side’ – and I would like to add that AtomIC Systems IP Ltd believe 100% in the rights of the consumer, and, as has been mentioned before, that there is only ONE way to do business, and that is openly and honestly. We will NOT tolerate underhanded tactics to extract money from people without their full knowledge, understanding, and agreement. Hence, we took action. If we have to, we will single handedly usher in a new era of business practise 🙂

The news article, from UKTrainsim, is here. Please note, UKTrainsim is an AtomIC Systems site.


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  1. I too have the same question as Pysche. Although I realize this is NOT a support question diary, most of my graphics in different entries have disappeared too and yet they are sill in my Private Graphics menu here at DD.

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