AtomIC Album Upgrade

I have rapidly upgraded the AtomIC Album to accept and display GIF images. Please note that due to licensing costs, we can do NO manipulation of the image if it is a GIF, so even if you specify the thumbnail option in your Album code, the image will remain full sized. If you wish to be able to display thumbnail links for your pictures, we have to recommend you edit them using PaintShop Pro or similar and save them as JPG…

The same problem will apply to anyone looking through your album if they elect to show the thumbnails – they will get thumbnails for JPG’s and fullsize for GIF, which may look a little ugly.

Its possible I’ll put a dirty hack in place to get round this by making the browser do the resize, but its a dirty hack and I might not 😉


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  1. I admit I’m a guilty party. I assumed the background images were ok because they supported gifs whereas album did not. I couldn’t figure out any other way to incorporate graphics in my diary without linking externally which tends to hinder page loading times on older slower computers and saves bandwidth when done on the same server as the site being viewed.

    When I can add gifs in the album I get all my non background images moved there. I’m sorry for adding to the problem. 🙁

  2. Glad to hear the news about Gifs. I was dissapointed when I paid my premium a while ago and then found I couldn’t upload GIFS to my album, but I’m a happy bunny now.

  3. I’ll admit, too, that I used the things, but only for 2 banners, mainly (my firefly and my extreme one), because I’m trying to find some place to sotre my graphics now that went under and it won’t let me log in.

    I’m trying to figure out my free space that the internet service gave me, and when I do, I’ll clear out my things.

    Sorry for causing trouble.

  4. Hi! I am so happy I found your site, all those years ago. 🙂
    I have a suggestion… please. I would like to post a suggestion, because of some things that are happening to me.
    I understand I can make my diary open, or private. BUT I would like to make it password entry protected…. I would like to have it set up so that only people who have a certain entry password can enter.
    I’d like to have my diary set up so that I can only allow certain people to read it… It would be so cool if we could do that here. Have you ever thought about that? Perhaps if a user clicked my diary they would be led to a page that said "This Diary is Restricted from the Public… you may enter if you have the password." And prompt user for a certain password, just to let them in, to be able to read the diary. Then maybe at the bottom it could say.. to get access to this diary you need to email the author.

    I have made my diary private…. for now. But, for certain people, I wish they could still read my diary.

    Do you have any suggestions? I don’t want to give them complete access to my diary with my username and password, but I’d like to password protect my diary from the public, and allow only certain people in… I though this might help a lot of other people out there on DD.Net also.

    Love your site by the way.. thanks for making GIF’s possible in our Atomic Album. 😉

  5. Very happy with the recent upgrade. Also, Is it me or is that "Quick Links" bar on the entry page new too? I remember having to go all around DD to get to these URL’s. Now those day’s are over.

    Thanks :o)

  6. I am a premium user and have created an album (just now) in AtomIC but still cannot get them to load. I have sent you an e-mail on this problem.

  7. *Blushes* Oops…I’m guilty too. I figured that it was allowed since it worked & all, I wasn’t trying to abuse the system or anything. Sorry. I’ll just have to stop spending all my money on toys and chocolate so I can save up to renew my premium account…Which I have been meaning to do anyway. Sorry again 🙂

  8. Sorry, I am guilty too. I didn’t realize it wasn’t allowed…so will not post any more pictures til I am legal….sorry.


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