Threatening Behaviours

Its come to my attention that a number of people who have diaries here have been threatened by, perhaps one, perhaps more people, that their ’employers’ will be contacted. I’m not sure on what grounds these employers would be contacted, especially since the various people threatened are among the more sensible users of this system and I can’t see anything that would warrant contacting employers.

I highly doubt it would do anyone any damage to have their employers contacted, since what ever proof would there be that they accessed this system from work, and in which case what business would it be of the employer? But, I should like to point out to the threateners that if employers should be contacted, and it results in unfair damages against the employee, we WILL provide any necessary information to the resultant legal proceedings. In other words, if it became necessary, you would not be able to hide behind anonymity forever. Think before you make threats. The consequences could be more than you might think possible from cyberspace.

That said, if people are abusing their employers trusts or whatever, we would do whatever we would need in order to satisfy a legal proceeding on that angle too.

If you’re unclear about this situation, I recommend you re-read our Terms and Conditions ( and our Privacy Policy ( and pay particular attention to the sections thus;

  • Diary entries must not publish details of individuals that may identify them (either in an online or real life fashion) unless the diary author has written permission from the individual that could be identified and can prove this to the Dear Diary… Administration. Such identities may be construed as (but not limited to) First and Last names, Names and Addresses and/or Names and Telephone numbers

  • The content of all Diary Entries remains the property of the diary author at all times and may not be used by anyone without the express written consent of the diary author. This includes the Dear Diary… Administration.

And with respect to the Privacy Policy – we won’t give out any information to any third parties, EXCEPT in the event of a court order. In other words, if such events were to spill outside of the DearDiary.Net system and have an effect on someone’s real life, we could have no choice but to present all the information to a 3rd party (ie, the court).

Think before you threaten.

And for Gods sake, I ask once again, grow up!

From the people who have been threatened, and if you think you might be in the future, please don’t give these losers any information by which they CAN threaten you and then I won’t have to make ridiculous posts such as this trying to put them in their place!

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