More AtMail Upgrades.

AtMail now has folder (we call them pigeon holes) support, so you can organize your mail better. Create a folder to keep your mails from your family, another one to keep your mails from friends, another to keep those from that affiliate program you joined, etc etc.

Premium Account holders can have as many folders as they desire (or can manage!) whereas non Premium Account holders are limited to 5 – including the system generated ‘INBOX’. I may up the limit for non Premium’s to 10 though, we’ll see how generous I feel 😉

If you’ve not checked out AtMail, and you want to be able to have your DearDiary.Net e-mail sent somewhere seperate from your normal mail (or you might do as I do now and use AtMail for all your mail!) you need to checkout AtMail at and feel free to give us your feedback at [email protected]

I have a few more features I need to introduce to AtMail and then work begins on the long awaited DearDiary 3.0 in earnest!


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