DearDiary 3.0

Work officially began on the long awaited DearDiary 3.0 software. Matt’s busy on other projects (one’s that actually enable this server to be paid for these days, so we won’t stop him!) so DD3 is all down to me… Don’t hold your breath, but I shall be working on it flat out and will be in need of some testers (its a complete and total rewrite) in the near future. So, if you’re a seasoned user of the present DearDiary and would like to have input into the new version – stick your nose in the comments section below and stake your position 🙂

I shall try to keep everyones suggestions from the past in mind and hopefully the new version will be faster, cleaner and easier to use!


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  1. hi guys,
    how about being able post the ip from which a comment is left but only making it visible to the diarist, like the delete comment-ban user option?

  2. Since I don’t seem shy about my technical views, I’m game.

    Personally, I would love to see the re-write include the concept of an invitation-only diary, to have something in between the extremes of public and private diaries.

    Basically, in order to view a diary, a user would have to be on access list for that diary (similar to the Notify list), and be logged in. Otherwise, they are denied access.

    It might also help avoid the common syndrome of diarists dropping entirely off the face of the earth and then re-appearing months later – they could go "subscriber-only" for a while instead of going entirely private.

    (I suggested this option way back, for example, during the adult diary debates.)

    By the way…in 3.0, would it be possible to have more control over the Notify list, such as being able to remove subscribers to one’s diary notification list (great for managing dead e-mail accounts that bounce on Notify lists).

    OK…I’ll sit down now. 🙂

  3. You’re spoiling us!

    Display the # of hits for public viewing, but hide the details of the hits, like IP #, etc.

    I also endorse Eleizer’s suggestion about allowing the diarist to modify the notify list.

  4. First, let me thank all of you at DD Admin for doing such a wonderful job of maintaining this site.

    Two suggestions:

    1. Allow other payment methods (like money orders) other than credit card. I am uneasy about divulging my credit card number on the internet.

    2. I enjoy reading the "Entry of the Week", but it would be nice if we could still have access to past entries, by month. I’m sure I’ve missed quite a few good entries.

    Again, you guys are great!

    Yours, Rebecca

  5. Is this a new Suggestion Box?
    May we have a Suggestion Box?
    My first suggestion would have to be "Have a Suggestion Box!"

    If this was a DD wish list, I would wish for a button that said "printer friendly."

    paul 🙂

    Hi guys, I’m only making this private because I’m embarrassed to have to ask a questions I should already know the answer to. I can’t get pics to post in my entries. Is that because I’m no longer a subscriber? I copied and pasted the links (for a pic) from my entry header into an entry and then posted it. it changed to an X. when I went back to update it the link had been changed. the /cgi-bin/userdata/ had been erased. what am I doing wrong?

    Oh yeah, and I’d like to be a tester also!! please? Honest I know what I’m doing!! lol

  7. I’m in for testing!!!!!!

    But I also have some suggestions I have not spotted in the other entries *clears throath*

    If you are not a AtomIC-user, you should be able to leave your name instead of TheName.

    Secondly, there should be a feature that tells people what language the diary they are about to read is. EG, add a serac hoption for language too, so you avoid going into all those japanese ones that makes you frustrated =)

    I also agree *highly* about the need of a ‘halfway private’ Diary, so you can invite people who should be allowed to read it, and block people who should not, as it is not everything you wish to share with others than those you really care about and that cares back.

    Fourth, (maybe not a developement issue) it would be horribly nice with a forum where Diaries and technical problems, HTML and all that stuff can be discussed 🙂
    A ‘New-To-DD-Help-Message’ that walks you through changing the colors, texts and fonts, link and more in your DD which sure as hell is very confusing at times!

    Those were just my inputs… 🙂


  8. *smiles*

    an idea from me =)
    It’d be awsoem if there was a download your diary thingy (if there isn’t) I think it’d be iinteresting..
    Thank you guys so much for all the new features
    *thumbs up*
    And for all your hard work!

  9. If you guys can please when your finding ways to support the site…. no more pop ups.. i can’t stand pop ups… make as many banners as you need on the page… have them change… but Pop ups drive me nuts…. but sides that i can’t wait to see the new improvments =)

  10. Me? A DD guinea pig? Heck, I can’t even figure out how to put a stupid meter on my site. Wish I could help, but help from me would probably just make things take longer for ya.

  11. I still say that we should be able to make an entry with only some parts being private if we choose. Rather then saving one entry, then making another.

  12. I’m interested in testing.

    I know other online journal/diary websites have other than web-based clients to add entries. I was wondering if there are any emacs clients for DD.


  13. Good! I found the entry!

    I was wondering in the new version:

    For emails telling you that you’ve received a comment, could the SUBJECT line of the email contain the title of the entry where the comment is? This way you wouldn’t have to open all the you’ve got a comment emails to go looking for where they are.

    Something like: DDcomment:[fromuser]:[entryname]

    I think you could squeeze it all onto the comment line if you did it that way.

  14. I am more than happy to help test, but was wondering if it is possible int he new version for you to inlcude an option to upload sets of graphics, themes if you will, to the server for other people to use, you have 3 basic options now, but a lot of us would be happy to contribute many of the old sets we have used!


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