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I don’t want to hear complaints about entries, or comments that predate these entries. I won’t retrospectively en-act new ‘laws’ (despite that they’ve been laws since the beginning of the site!) because I don’t have the energy or the time to dissect who might be the person in the ‘right’ in an argument. My judgement will be black and white, if you slander someone, abuse a user here, after this date you will be banned. If that person responds by slandering you, they TOO WILL BE BANNED. Thats it. Whoever is right or wrong will be irrelevant.

Thus. If you do not want to be removed from the site, do NOT talk about, abuse, annoy, aggrovate, other users. Even if they talk about you. Do not leave comments if the diarist has requested (using the ban feature) you not to. Even if they talk about you.

Someone recently called me a pacifist in a private email. Just try me, OK? Just go ahead and try me. I am a pacifist until you push my buttons too far and that small percentage have now pushed my buttons too far.

BUT, at this point, as far as I am concerned, the slate is clean. Incursions before todays date will NOT be acted upon because I can’t keep up with the patheticness of it all. But after todays date will count. Oh, and for the record, don’t think you can get away with slandering someone by dating the entry in the past, the system stores the date the entry was POSTED as well as the ‘visible’ date of the entry.


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  1. I’m sorry that the 0.25% have been so obnoxious as to force you to lay down the law. DD is such a good service/site, it’s really a shame when people abuse it.

  2. *applauds* Great stuff, and so succinctly put too! It’s a shame what happens when people have too much time on their hands, although that’s no excuse, I have stacks of time, and I’m not half as silly…I don’t think.

    Anyway, DD is a great site and gives us all so much pleasure, those who abuse the right really don’t deserve any leniency from yourselves.

    Keep up the good work.

  3. I agree!

    I only talk about users in a good sense (like wishing a happy birthday and saying how sweet they’ve been and wishing them a great day or something) and it’s really annoying when great people are abused on a system that is just intended to be friendly and record a life.

    Bravo. I completely respect your decision!

  4. Steve, this is the first time I’ve felt safe in making a public comment in weeks. I cannot thank you enough. To say that I worship the water you walk upon is entire insufficient. Thank you for your stand, and thank you for this site. There are no words to express how much both mean to me.

  5. *carefully rolls up a hug and lays it next to your keyboard . . . yours to use if you choose*

    Everyone Needs A Hug,

    P.S. *claps loudly and shouts support*

  6. I have never gotten involved in the DD wars, nor professed to understand why they exist at all, so if this stops them, then thankyou Steve!

    *starts a mexican wave in Steve’s honour*

    Personally I loved the wanking under the table image *lmao*


  7. Hmmm…it appears that our 0.25% has awoken a sleeping giant. Beware my friends..

    Good job Steve. Thanks again for a great site.

  8. i’m just sorry that you’ve had to put up with this kind of garbage from adults as well as children, you’d think some people would know better
    may the force be with you


  9. This isn’t a support request, so I didn’t want to use the Help function, it is merely an idea. I noticed you have the ability to use pre-set themes in your customise section? Is there anyway some of use could contribute some of our MANY MANY themes we have designed over time for you to offer as a basic theme?

    Just an idea,



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