20,000 Public Diaries!

Good heavens! 20,000 public diaries now available to be read!

I’ve noticed also that the number of diaries updated in the last week and 24 hours has dramatically increased too!!

Thanks for choosing DearDiary.Net to write at – keep up the good work folks, lets chronicle history through the eyes of the normal (heh!) person!


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  1. Hey Steve,
    Wow, 20,000 diaries! Awesome achievement for the site! But the thing is Steve, don’t thank us. For we are only the Scribers of Lives, but you’ve provided the parchment for us to express these lives. For without your help, they are just words. But with DearDiary, they are lives to be cherished.


    Ravyn Ashton Summers

  2. The story of a human soul, even the pettiest of souls, can hardly be less interesting and instructive than the story of a nation, especially if it is the result of the observation of a mature mind and written without the vain desire to evoke compassion or to amaze. One of the defects of Rousseau’s Confessions is that he read them to his friends… –ends

  3. Steve and Matt,

    You guys do a great job at keeping things going here and making everyone happy. 20,000 is alot of ppl to keep happy.

    You guys deserve a metal!

    Cheers to a Happy Dairy!

    Peace & Love,

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