Changes to Terms And Conditions

As a result of the troubles we have encountered in recent months, the terms and conditions have been updated.

In line with the Muppets On The Site entry posted in May, and after some bizzarre but rather unfortunate incidents that have taken place after that, a vote was taken on how abuse of the system should be handled. Those of you that voted, thanks. The end result was that the diarists were, on average, happy with the way we handle the affairs of the site and wanted it to stay the way it is.

As a result of the vote, and in line with the Muppets entry, the Terms and Conditions of use for DearDiary.Net… has been updated and is available at (or click the link in the menu bar). The new version is available now and can be read if you like.

All users will be required, within the next few hours, to re-sign their declaration of acceptance of the new terms and conditions. If you object to the new terms, you will no longer be able to access your diary and you should write to us at [email protected] and let us know you would like your diary deleted. Of course, if there’s a glaring discrepancy in the T&C’s thats unfair or we’ve overlooked, we’ll negotiate on any sticking points, but at the end of the day, there’s nothing much new in there that wasn’t already ‘in the spirit of things anyway’.

The basic principle of it all, really, is start behaving or I start deleting. And I can see a few certain diarists heading of to re-sign that Terms and Conditions page just so they can write an entry to bitch about it and say its an erosion of their freedoms and that we should just let everyone get on with it. Yadda yadda yadda. This site isn’t like that and never will be, so get used to it or go somewhere else, as has always been said… Funny how those that moan the loudest about our policy on this are still here isn’t it?

Anyway, just a heads up – apart from click the ‘I agree’ button most of you won’t have anything more to concern yourselves with now than you did 10 minutes ago. Those that want to be arsey might.


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  1. K.. I see it this way.. In line with freedom of speech..

    When you were in grade school, grammar school, elementary school.. Whatever you call it.. And you got into fights with the other little boys and girls what happened? You were given a warning.. ::points up to entry:: There’s your warning..

    If you persisted.. Then you were punished.. Well.. Deletion certainly seems like punishment.. If certain someones can’t behave like adults and insist on behaving like grade school age children by whining, calling people at home and work and generally making asses of themselves then they’ve had their chance..

    School Marms Matt and Steve have a punishment appropriate.. Grow the hell up or we won’t put up with your crap.. ::for a moment pictures each in a grey haired bun and dumpy school marm frock.. Leaves chuckling:: smack their knuckles with a ruler..

  2. Thank you, Steve, for running such a fabulous website.

    However, are the goldfish-minded called Muppets because they have stuffing for brains? Or is it because someone has his or her hand stuffed up said muppet’s backside and is operating the mouth this way?

    I simply adore the actual Jim Henson creations (afterall, they taught me to count!) Hopefully, you have no ill-will for poor Kermit.

    Thanks again for your fabulous work product!

  3. OK, I see your point, but I happen to know two diarists who have had their diaries deleted completely, and yes, there was some slamming and bitching in them for sure, but why does the ”provocator” (sp) still have a diary?
    And many other diaries that are abusive and give out personal info etc remain? (sorry to name names but RICK posted so much about his flatmate (who writes here too) and yet….he is allowed to stay on.

    The most unfair/ unprofessional thing (no not excusing the 2 diarists I mention from their carry ons) is that NO-ONE from DD told them this would happen and also won’t respond to their e-mails (I have spoken to both parties)

    All I am saying is, you wanna delete one or two DD’s with some recent bitching, delete ALL of them that have carried on!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I would hope that before deleting a diary, every effort would be made to contact the individual in question, at the very least, in advance.

    Moreover, I would hope that the DD administration would hurry up and implement their diary export facility promised in the next version so that such an author could be given an opportunity to export their diary (as it may reflect years of writing, energy, effort and careful attention) before simply wiping it off the server.

    Removing a diary’s presence on a system due to perceived abuse is one thing.

    Destroying creative property without notice and an opportunity to retrieve said materials before hosting is discontinued is quite another.

    I fully expect DD to respect the rights of any author to have an export of their text and documents made available prior to deleteing their account, and notice given, to allow sufficient time to make appropriate preparations.

    Moreover, I would also hope that any diarists believed to be in violation of policy will first be investigated for validity of the complaint, as well as the one registering the complaint, to ensure that the complaint is valid and the one registering the complaint is not also in violation.

    (Knowing that one is getting scoped out, as well, if one complains will, I think, help reduce the abuse of the new policy by vindictive individuals seeking to get the diaries of others booted, and promote good conduct on everyone’s part i.e. if you want help, you have to behave as well).

    Moreover, I would also hope that a warning system would be in place for an erroneous violation, so that a person can correct their error, before being unceremoniously deleted, if it is not an extreme or intentional attempt at infraction.

    Mob rule and vindictiveness are inherently a bad thing.

    It is certainly possible to go to an easy extreme, if not careful.

  5. Eliezer and Hypocritical, thankyou for the comments above.
    My Diary was DELETED with out even an e-mail.
    Yes, I agree my last post could be percieved as nasty, how ever, it is my diary, and the entry was purely a vent over a very slanderous post about me, and my family.
    Can I not react?
    Do I have to sit and take peoples lies and shit?
    Apparently so.
    I had entries in that diary that are important to me, and also comments from people in DD.

    Yes, we were all warned a long while ago to cut the crap…..and I did.
    Yes my last entry got someones panties in a twist, but being provoked, constantly what would you do?

    I want my diary back.
    I will just create a new one any way (maybe I already have…)
    but the point IS I want what have have written in my old diary.
    Don’t you have a copyright clause on each diary, that the writings belong to the diarist?
    Well there you go………

  6. I think we should be allowed to threaten each other as much as we wan^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H I applaud your efforts and hope that you catch the crooked maligning thieves.

  7. Wow. Well, my take on this?

    I think sometimes people forget that writing here is a privlidge, not a right.

    This is not a place where we can do or say anything we like, simply because out of this venue a community is created.

    As with any community, there need to be rules because people dont all just get along and that is just a fact of life and the nature of people.

    We are taking for granted that this community was given to us as a gift, with a tag attached saying please be peaceful and kind to your neighbors

    Years ago, i rented an appartment and even though i paid for it and it was mine there was a clause on the lease saying no pets inside.

    Boy I hated that.but as a member of that appartment community i honored their request. i wanted so badly to have a kitten but.. it wasnt something i had to compromise to live there.

    Now I own a house and i have two huge dogs and two cats inside, outside, wildly…

    but the point? we are renters here. I am a very satisfied renter… and i know i am not supposed to keep pets in the diary and I promise Steve… the cat will be OUT by the weekend…. maybe we can negotiate about a litterbox? … oh ok.. a litterbox OUTSIDE the diary.. grrrr.

    compromises. we dont always love them but they keep things a lot more pleasant for everyone. so

    in case i havent been wordy enough…

    if you dont like the rules… go get your own domain and write whatever you want to write there!!! or even get some paper and a pen, no one is gonna take your notebook away! but if you are gonna want to write here, then at least be gracious enough to follow the rules ok?

    **DISCLAIMER–this was not written at anyone particular since in all honesty i have never been to any deleted diaries, nor do i even know what was said, its just my opinion that we need to be thankful and not abuse the rules we agree on when we sign up here

    (to myself) gee, i wonder if i made my opinion clear enough, maybe i should tell another anecdote… nah.. what you need beth, is to stop talking to yourself.. people are starting to stare…

    Onward and upward!

    I understand the reasoning behind the terms and conditions, but as you state in each diary, and on your very own, :Copyright Notice: All entries are copyright <i/>(and the responsibility of)<i/> their respective authors. For re-use rights please contact the author directly.
    Now these girls,, that I have mentioned in my diary, (which you can look back into previous entries) I have not given any last name, any address, any telephone number, it’s just their first name, and there are so many Jade, Heather and Nicole’s here in my Village, I saw no felony as to what I had written. I never put anythign about their personal lives in my diary. I do thank you for the notification, and I wish that the girls COULD understand, that I haven’t put anythign personal about them in here. NOTHING!
    Now if my diary is my responsibility, it must also mean that I hav the responsibility to repect their rights not to have anythign personal aobut them printed, which i have…… i don’t understand that at all.
    Might I question…. how did you find out about my entries???

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