Down for an hour or so

A new database server (an upgrade to MySQL 4.0.12) which had taken all day to get installed and functioning, is now functioning correctly.

In theory this gives us some good performance improvements! Hopefully stability, but we’ll see on that front over the next few weeks.


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  1. you were down for an HOUR???? a whole HOUR??? how do we fire you? what nerve of you people… an hour we couldnt get to the sites you host and you call yourself a… uh… what did you call yourself?

    As usual… Huggs and Kissies from the Beth-ster

  2. How is the top ten figured? I am sort of at a loss since I know full well it is not based on who is being accessed. There are some factions in the top 10 that have no real business posting on DD. They should be at OpenFiction should they be anywhere.

    Concerned Reader

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