Reader Comments Fixed

We were unaware until today that Reader Comments were broken – at least in some cases. I’m not sure how long it had been wrecked but I think it was certainly wrecked in most cases! Its now fixed, sorry for the problem.

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    Since I’m an idiot when it comes to all things computer related, the thought of "signifigantly" easier customiser sounds dandy to me!

    I think whatever changes you make to the site are for the benefit of all so I’m for whatever you decide! And since I sound like a major kiss ass I’m making this private.

    Thank you very much for making this site avaiable to people like me.

  2. I think an upgrade would be wonderful. I worked hard to set mine up the way that I like it, but I can always redo what might be wrecked. I don’t know how you guys plan to better control the public image uploads, like check every one of them as they’re sent in before allowing them to be used? What about private images? Really, my only BIG worry is how an upgrade will affect actual content. Is there any danger of loosing material/entries?

  3. Yikes! I appreciate the warning, guys. I’m assuming, base on what you’ve described, that Atomic Album is unaffected, and only the graphics stored in the customizer will be affected.

    It looks like I’ve got some work cut out for me. Thanks for the heads-up.

  4. An update will be GREAT! Just hope there is no chance all of our entries will be erased. Thanks for all your hard work. We really do appriciate it!

  5. I have worked hard on my journals but then again when something needs to be moved or updated, it needs to be done. A lot of hard work and planning go to other DD writers when it comes to my journals but that is okay.

  6. Is it possible to still have a custom background but be limited to the size of the image? I like making my own buttons too . . . I hope we can still do that. Makes it more homey, at least in my opinion! But I do see your point especially in regards to copyright violation.

  7. Hey! Would love to have an easier interface for customizing. Right now when I go in there to change something, I leave a trail of breadcrumbs to make sure I can find my way out, and pack a lunch because I know I am going to spend hours!
    As long as Atomic Album is the same I will be fine. If you need to make changes there, let us know and I will make sure I have those images backed up.

  8. Steve dear…some people I think have misread your statement. I think they feel their entire diary will be destroyed and not just the configurations. There seems to be a concern with others that they should download some sort of freeware that saves a copy of their diary.

    I am willing to bet that they are wrong….

    People…becareful downloading unneccessary freeware that may bog down computers and install spyware type of things, etc. Your entries will not be destroyed. Only the way that you may have your diary set up. You may need to redo it. Steve and Matt can correct me if I’m wrong.

  9. We will still be able to have custom images for backgrounds and such, right?

    That’s a critical part of the flavor of my diary.

    We can still link to external images that we host ourselves, for backgrounds, buttons, etc. right?

  10. yeeps. I had just sat down, thinking to create some buttons from Renaissance art, and maybe a background or two. Are we still going to be able to do that, and if I do it now will I find when the upgrade is complete that they’ve been deleted from the system?

    An upgrade, though…ahhhh. That sounds wonderful. Thank you once again for all the hard work.


  11. I’ve always found DD to be an easily configurable venue for my diary. The only thing I would like to have the option for is a button somewhere that would allow me to automatically back up my entire diary to my own storage space.

    While I’ve never lost anything in DD, I have lost a LOT of other things at other sites. It would be wonderful to not lose all my entries should something happen and I not be able to connect to DD any more.

  12. OKay . . . this is something I have always wanted to be able to do:

    When people comment in my diary, I’d like to be able to click on the diarist name and jump to their diary, instead of going out and searching for them. Do you think this could be added? I think it would be great.

  13. From: becoming
    Date Posted: 13 Oct 2003

    "OKay . . . this is something I have always wanted to be able to do:

    When people comment in my diary, I’d like to be able to click on the diarist name and jump to their diary, instead of going out and searching for them. Do you think this could be added?"

    I agree with Becoming…that WOULD be another useful item to have here at DD. Any possibility of that happenin’?? Other than THAT, I can honestly say that there’s really not much else one needs to do to "perfect" DD…..its damn near perfect as is…except for that crazy customizer of yers….egads! That’s entirely too much work for this tired ol’ biker gal!

  14. Actually, aside from the long-awaited "diary export" feature, there’s a feature which I’ve been eager to see: Improved Navigation

    Right now – if you want to go to an entry that dates back, say, 6 months ago – it’s nigh impossible to do it, without either jumping backwards entry by entry from the current ones or trying to jury-rig the URL to force it.

    Ultimately – there’s just no good way to simply jump to a certain date on a given diary.

    I would REALLY like to have this implemented, as I often cross-reference old entries in current ones, when the topic of the day feeds off a previous entry from the past.

  15. I am assuming that the Albums won’t be affected in anyway, right?

    I don’t really care if I have to redo the whole settings in my diary, I actually enjoy doing it. 😉

    It will be neat to see the next version.


  16. Apart from the intricasies of the Customiser I am a "happy DD camper" and looking forward to seeing the new and improved version when it arrives. 🙂
    If it requires us to re-do our diary graphics then, for me, that’s not a problem, more an excuse to change my "look" again, lol, so go for it and best wishes to you for all the hard work involved in doing this. DD is a great place to write and I thank you for providing it,
    Take care and ‘bye for now, Kelpie.

  17. Looking forward to the new version! 🙂

    As long as we can store images on Album still and our past entries will not be lost, I shall continue being a happy DearDiary diarist.


  18. Hi guys.

    I’ve been giving this some serious thought, based on things I’ve wished I had over the past couple of years. The short list is:

    – the ability to remove names from my notify list
    – the ability to have a "sem-private" diary, where only users on a list that I specify have access to read entries
    – have special characters not convert to the actual character when you go in to modify an entry. For example, if I want to show someone how to code something, I’ll use &lt; instead of <. If I have to go in and edit the entry, all the &lt; become < instead.
    – Ability to place a small graphic in the side bar menu as a link, without messing up the customizer.
    – a menu display option that lets you show the calendar AND the titles of the entries. I realize this would have to be one month displayed at a time, but it would make it easier to find specific entries I was trying to locate.

    Eliezer’s request for some way to more easily access and peruse back entries really would be helpful as well, so I’ll put my two cents in for it here.

    Thanks for asking for our input.

  19. I applaud Salamander’s and Eli’s suggestions. After much consideration I would also like to add the following suggestions: When it becomes necessary to ban a person from commenting, it should also be possible to ban that person’s access to the diary alltogether. I would also like to suggest that the most recently updated diaries on the home page of DD be divided into diaries written in English and Other Languages. The reason for this is because many diaries that are written in other languages have user names and titles in English.

    Thank you,

  20. oh well you guys just go ahead and do what you wanna do… i have full faith in the DD admn!
    basically all i wanted to say was: Thanks For DD! it is such a great place and that’s all cos of the efforts you guys put into it. so thank you.

  21. i am excited at the prospect of a new version of DD, i hope you do incorporate an export function whereby we can personally backup entries.
    being able to edit notify lists would be cool too


  22. I like some of Salamander’s ideas, they are suggestions I would have made myself also. Particularly the ability to remove people from you notify list (I have at least 7 multiples of email addresses on mine) and the semi-private option (similar to how LiveJournal operates).

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