Confusion Clearup regarding DD3.0

This entry should clear up any confusion regarding the image crisis cleanup for DearDiary 3.

Hi all,

Thanks for the comments folks. To clear up the easy one first;

Jumping to someones diary if they leave a comment would seem like a good idea so I’ll get that one added to the list 🙂

On the image front;

  • Album will NOT be affected.

  • Diary CONTENT will NOT be affected. You do NOT need to backup your diary.

  • MOST diary customizations SHOULD remain (not going to promise anything on that just yet though as their may be some changes that simply don’t make sense in the new customization system).

  • People WILL be able to continue to use their own buttons and backgrounds, however they will NOT be able to use them for entry images other than the intended customization usage (ie, a background is a background, not an image in someone’s comment or diary entry).

  • Many customized backgrounds/buttons will be removed. However, we will probably set something up so that you can request to keep yours… In other words, its going to be an opportunity (after over 4 years of DD) for some housekeeping.

To re-iterate;

  • Diary entries will NOT be removed. You do NOT need to back your diary up, only (potentially) the images.

Hope that helps!


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  1. I’m glad we won’t lose our entries I can redo my graphics if I have to that’s no problem, looking forward to the new diary changes.Thanks guys for clearing that up.:)

  2. Oh…feature idea.

    Howabout having a setting in the configuration panel to determine if a diary’s "display comments" defaults to on or off, when someone just visits a diary (i.e. no URL query string)?

    That way…we don’t need to always add "comments=on" to the URL query string, and when someone come to the page through a normal link, search of whatever, comments will be visible by default, if the diarist wants.

    Whenever I go to my diary, I always have to manually turn comment visibility on, each and every time, just to read my comments.

  3. Links from comment to diary is a great idea. I am looking forward to that. I agree that DD does need a house cleaning. I suggest that all diaries that have not been written in for 3 months or more be removed. I have found several that were started in 01 and never written in once, and many that were written in for a month or two and abandoned.

    Another feature idea:

    As part of the customizations, allow each user to specify a GMT relative time for their diary, based on the time-zone in which they live. That way, when they go to post a message, it will always be the right day for the writer, instead of possibly being wrong due to being based on the server’s time.

    In practical terms, it’ll mean that I will no longer have to roll back the date on a diary before I post at night every time, due to the time zone difference between my home and the servers resulting in the wrong date.

    A small little mod – but – oooh – oh so nice!


  5. I think 3 months is a little too short of time for a diary to be deleted. 6 months, maybe, 9 months, more likely. I have a diary I used to use to have different diary sets for display to give ideas on how to use them, but now I think I’m done with that, and it can be removed (FireflyII). I don’t write in it all too often, just to test diary looks.

    Also, some people can lose internet access, and therefore lose access to diaries (i.e. people going off to war, moving, loss of job/money…). You might want to be able to have a hold on their diary so it is there when they return, letting them know that they didn’t lose everything when they left. I’d hate to have everything gone that I worked so hard for/on because I had to go off to fight for my country.

    Good luck with the housecleaning, and I don’t mind redoing my diary, especially if it’s easier (and after a few years, I had that format down, too lol). My main concern was my headers/footers/entries being lost, so I’m happy to hear that isn’t so.

  6. Is there a way we could see the diary entry as we type comments for it? I usually open it up in a separate window, if needed, but just being able to read and comment would be nice.

  7. The comments about changing DDnet are all changes I’d like to see happen, but can I add that the background images for diaries is there anyway for it to be one solid image instead of the image repeated over and over in the background? Plus a problem I have noticed is that when you delete a diary entry sometimes it moves all the other diary entry titles around, can this be fixed because it’s very annoying having to go back and forth and manually change the titles back to what they should be.

    Other than that keep up the great work,

  8. no way ozone!

    I agree, people who abandon there diary after a few months of just starting it should get it pulled down, but if someone spent years on it, and still have an active diary, it should remain on deardiary.

  9. I think six months should be the maximum limit at getting diaries pulled down. Although I have seen people return to they’re diary to update it at a year’s distance between entries, as SmurfPoo and Ozone said, most of them are just a bit like a new toy kids get bored of after a couple of weeks.

    I also take it from myself, I had another diary on this site, which I eventually had to close down because of the prying eyes… *sighs*. It’s ancient by now and to be honest I think it’s a right shame it’s just standing there doing nothing and taking up bandwidth.

    Anyhow – I’m dead excited about #3…

    *Does a little dance*

  10. Well… I have spent all morning doing new graphics for my diary, and just uploaded them. I went in also and have been removing old graphics so I will only store the ones I want to use now. However, when I went to customize and attempted to apply my new background it’s shaded out. So, I am assuming this means for right now there is nothing I can do to put my own graphics on my diary? It’s really frustrating, I can only change colors, and not the graphics. What is going on, and how much longer til I can put my diary back out as a public diary. Right now I have it private because I want to finish customizing it.
    Let me know… I emailed you also, but have not heard back.

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