Important EMAIL Issue

The present setup for HamiMail (and AtMail if you’re an AtomIC user) will NOT forward your e-mails to your private address at the moment. The software has a problem which means that its not properly detecting loops, so if you’ve misconfigured your account to forward to private address but had your private address set to [email protected] (which isn’t a good idea anyway, for many reasons!) it would create a loop whereby the message would always be trying to be sent between Hamimail and the internet.

I do intend to fix it to restore normal service, but in the meantime please login to the web mail client to read any e-mail. You’ll hopefully be pleasantly surprised by how little spam there is in there now anyway 🙂 The address is of course, unless you’re an AtomIC user in which case you need


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  1. I’ve got a question—why are there suddenly more pop ups than usual? I know that’s the bad part about being a non-paying heathen, but I seem to get four or five popups every time i visit the main page.

    Just wondering,



    No sweat, man. We’ll just have to agree to disagree.

    I deal daily with a massive IT data center sporting everything ranging from small Windows and Linux servers to massive Sun E-15000’s and IBM mainframes.

    From my personal experience, we have much more problems, especially with up-time and scaling, with the Windows servers than our UNIX servers. We’ve rarely ever had to reboot the UNIX servers, whereas the Windows servers have to be bounced with alarming regularity comparatively.

    My point was that, since you are running software almost entirely designed for UNIX first and then ported to Windows (Apache, PHP, PERL, etc.), that a UNIX based solution seemed to make more sense.

    Still…I appreciate you’re perspective. If you’re not comfortable as a UNIX admin and can deal with Windows’ special "features" – go for it. So long as you’re happy and things stay up and functioning. I think hair cannot be over-rated too highly.

    Just be forewarned – Windows often uses proprietary formats for damned near everything (such as their DNS files). They’ll import industry standard stuff, but them won’t let you get it back out again, locking you into Windows. BIND compatibility was a glaring example.

    BTW – I hope the subdomain issues are on the fix list. I’ve gotten used to going to premium diarists by subdomain URL. 🙂

    Keep up the good work.

  3. Remind me again…did you mention that there will be a script to change all the Atomic-IC Album URL’s in the diaries to point to HamiPiks? I have a ton of absolute URL’s pointing to the current album in my diary and would need a way to change all those references to point to HamiPik’s, with the new changeover.

    Regular expresions script…here we go!

  4. I have stoped typing in the new. in the place of the www. and it seems to be fixed now and back to the way it was.

    However I have a question, is there a reason why I have started to get pop up adds like crazy while I am a paid member because I am getting a lot of them when I haven’t been getting any until just the last two days.

    Just wondering…..

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