Graphics Upload Re-instated

I’ve finally tracked down the problem with the Graphics uploading and, I suspect the problem was also responsible for the other hung processes we were seeing. Basically there was an area of code that is common to the whole site that if something went wrong with a POST query, could end up getting in a tight loop and never ever returning… That area of code has now been totally rewritten and in the event of a failure with the POST query (which shouldn’t happen anyway as a seperate area of code has also been fixed to sort the real problem!) it won’t get stuck in a loop.

So hopefully the server should fly now and let me get on with some more cooler things than fixing up stuff that used to work 🙂

Oh, nearly forgot to mention, you can thank sweetsummerbreeze for getting me to fix it now – she sent me a HUGE bunch of images to upload for her (which I offered to do but didn’t realise there would be quite so many :)) so it seemed quicker to dig into the problem than manually upload all her Christmassy pics! 🙂


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