New Feature

Now that the server is running nicely I’ve had a chance to add a new feature that’s been on the back of mind for some time.

If you’re a Plus Account holder, details of your journal will now be posted to which is a central site that watches as many updated ‘weblogs’ as possible. It’s averaging 19 updates a minute at the moment, but I suspect it’s seen a lot more than that 🙂

By default the weblog ‘pinging’ process (as its coined) is switched ON. If you want to switch it off, go to the Customizer and choose General Diary Options, Basic Settings and take the tick out of the box. If you’re not a Plus account holder the tick will be out automatically.

Drop me a line with any comments, suggestions or requests…

And shall we say ‘Welcome’ to the first new Plus Account Feature since ‘I dont know when’ ?


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