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so I was just wondering is “plus” the same as what was called “premium”…..basically…need I do nothing (my favourite option)…until my next payment is due?

The Premium account has been renamed to a Plus account to try to avoid confusion with AtomIC’s Premium account. However, if you were a Premium user before the name change you’ll be a Plus account for just as long. I guess that with all the technical detail I’ve been somewhat less than clear about the ‘management’ and ‘brand’ (to some extent) changes that have also occurred at this time.

Which leads me to;

just out of curiosity, who is running/owning DD now??

This entry, way back at the very beginning of all this, which has almost certainly been overlooked because at the time it was made there hadn’t been any activity on this diary for some time explains it, hopefully fairly well;

7 Dec 2003 – Important Service Announcement.

Basically, Hamiko now owns DearDiary.Net and OpenFiction in a mutual and amicable split from AtomIC Systems. Hamiko is owned by Steve (DeLancie) and Paivi (Viivi) who are collectively known as Hamis (for those who have never read either of our personal diaries you probably won’t understand the reference :)). AtomIC Systems is still owned and maintained by Matt – but AtomIC now has no involvement in DearDiary.Net. AtomIC’s interest lie in the UKTrainSim arena, which Matt has a keen interest in.

It’s been a tough decision, and it means I’m going to have to find a proper job after 2 years of working at home, but it’s in the best interests of Matt and Steve for a number of reasons which we hope we’ll look back on and go ‘yeah, remember that time when….’.

By the way Matt, if you’re reading this, are you coming up this way for Christmas? We found a great Christmas present for you the other day so it’ll be wrapped and waiting under our tree – hope to see you and the family.

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