Warning of Incompatible Feature Change Number 2

I intend in the fairly near future to completely remove the ‘Public Email’ address feature from people’s profile. It seems completely pointless and indeed totally confusing to new members.

I can hear the screams of horror already that people don’t want to put their private email address onto their diary, and they won’t have to. Indeed, the system will not put your private email address on any entries. Where it would have put your public email address it will instead put your ‘@deardiary.net’ address because everyone has a deardiary.net e-mail address.

This will remove a whole huge amount of complexity for people and make using the site just a little easier to understand.

Just as a reminder, you can read, and reply to your @deardiary.net emails by going to www.hamimail.com

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  1. I have about 6 people on my notify list who do not keep diaries on this system, they however do want to be notified when I update my diary.
    Does this mean they won’t be notified any more?

    If so, that kinda sucks…..

    Enlighten me!

    Thanks πŸ™‚

  2. Perhaps this was covered in the above, but I wasn’t clear honestly. We will still have our private e-mail addresses which is where we will receive our notifications of updates to others’ diaries and notifications of comments on our DDs and OpenFiction, or will that too be sent to our @deardiary.net address?

    I’m sorry if I’m asking a redundant question. I just wasn’t sure.


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