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I have about 6 people on my notify list who do not keep diaries on this system, they however do want to be notified when I update my diary.

Does this mean they won’t be notified any more?

If so, that kinda sucks…..

Enlighten me!

The point (and reason I called it incompatible) is that NO-ONE will be notified any more (when it comes in) without setting themselves to be a friend of the author.

In order to be a friend of the author you will need a Hamiko account. You will not, however, need to keep a diary (indeed, you don’t have to now – if you just wanted to use HamiMail for example, or potter about in the forums). Having a Hamiko account doesn’t oblige you to anything, its free, no personal data other than an email address is required (and that’s required already if you want to be notified of course) so it’s not as sucky as it appears 🙂

It also means that those people can get on and off of your notify list without having to mail me because the system couldn’t find their unique ID, or should they change their email address they just update their Hamiko account rather than having to come off your notify list (and confirm the request by clicking a link in an email) and then re-join your notify list with the new address (and confirm the request by clicking a link in an email). They’ll just update their Hamiko profile.

It is a good change, honestly. It will be significantly easier to use.


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