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Perhaps this was covered in the above, but I wasn’t clear honestly. We will still have our private e-mail addresses which is where we will receive our notifications of updates to others’ diaries and notifications of comments on our DDs and OpenFiction, or will that too be sent to our address?

You will still have your private email address which is necessary to send password reminders, or notifications of comments etc.

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  1. Is it possible for you to provide me with a list of diaries I am on the notify list of before the change? I’m on lists of folks who hardly ever update. I’m afraid I’ll forget to add myself to them without a reminder.

    I just thought I should bring to your attention a comment left in Antigone’s diary, a very nasty comment left in there by none other then Michelle. I under stand that you and Shannon have been trying to deal with her for a long time… and things that she has written in there is ground to have her banned! She gave out Shannon’s name, and her boyfriend’s full name. I hopeyou can deal with this!!!! I’m outraged on Shannon’s behalf…. I thought I’d let you know. and I will let you kow if she harrasses me as well!

  3. Hey Steve –

    Will we be able to set our addresses to forward to other addresses? I’m sure I’m not the only one who doesn’t want yet another email address to check. 🙂


  4. golly, lots of questions, and here are a few more:

    1) there seem to be a heap of diaries on this site that have been written in only a couple times then abandoned for the last 2-3 years. have you thought about deleting some of those really old ones that simply aren’t being used by anybody anymore with less than 10 entries?

    2) notify lists- i know for a fact there are emails on my notify list which are no longer in use, as people have changed service providers etc etc. will there ever be a way for us to be able to remove those emails which are in fact now deceased? if so i could send a group email to all those on the list and have the active ones bounce me back so i know for sure which ones are in fact dormant and remove those ones

  5. This is a continuation of what Sezrah wanted to know about deleting diaries. I have an old diary here with like 2 or 3 years of imfo on it. I had to leave it because my ex was using as a place to harass me. Is it possible that I can get those entries into my new diary so in case you all do start to delete I can keep my diary?

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