New Windows client system

I’ve been working on the ability to allow non web based clients the facility to interface with DearDiary. Thanks to a portable API developed at other ‘blogging’ sites (notably which lots of Windows client software now uses and some hard work on the backend I can now announce that DearDiary supports the Blogger API.

What does all this mean?

Well, I’m using w.bloggar to post this entry. If you want the ability to add or edit your diary entries without logging in to the website, this is (one of) the tools to do it. Go visit the site (I’ll provide a link in various other places shortly) and download the Windows client. Its very easy to install.

Instructions to setup w.bloggar for DearDiary.Net

Shortly w.bloggar will support DearDiary natively, but for now you have to use the ‘Custom’ options to make it work with us. Once w.bloggar is installed, fire it up and you’ll be presented with a login box.

w.bloggar Login screen

Choose ‘new’ from the dropdown list at the top. The user and password settings are your DearDiary.Net username and password. When you click OK you’ll be asked if you wish to create this new account – you need to click Yes (it only means new as far as it is concerned, not DearDiary) You can click the save password box if no-one but you uses your computer. NOTE that you CAN read entries through this system, so if you tick the save password box then anyone with access to your computer will be able to view your private entries.

Click the OK button and you’ll be given a dialog that looks like (but on yours it’ll have the presets for, so you need to change them);

w.bloggar properties page

Change your settings to match those in the picture, then click the Custom tab, which will present you with a screen that looks like;

w.bloggar custom page

Make sure that your settings look the same. The Account Alias text can be set to whatever you like, but it will be what appears on the drop down list next time you start wbloggar. You can put a tick in the ping box, but the server will ping for you if you’re a Plus account holder.

This system will only allow 5 new entries or updates if you are not a Plus account holder (so you can try it, and if you like it you’ll need to get a Plus account).

If anyone has any problems, or questions about it, please drop me a line. I certainly recommend giving it a try, its a nice way of managing your diary.

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