Limitations of Friends

Are we only allowed to add ourselves to so many friends lists?

No, you can add yourself to as many as you like. The reason it wasn’t working when you tried was because it was broken 🙂


P.S. Please add yourselves as a friend of Deardiary1 so that you can get notifications when something on the system changes. I had 97 people on the notify list before this changed. There’s now 3 🙁

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  1. can i just ask a quick question? does this apply to diaries we are already on the notify list of, IE we have to become friends with diaries we are aldready notified from or just with new ones?

  2. I see a person who has added me to their list. However, when I added her to mine, it didn’t show below in my friends list. Is there another step I should take? Also I tried to pull up a couple of user names and they didn’t show up. Is it me? *smile* Or is there something wrong here?

  3. I think I have it now, I click on their friend button on their diary, and it adds them to my list in customizer. I just don’t get anything when I click the ‘add friend’ button in customizer, still not sure how that one works.

  4. Another question….

    Are we only allowed to add ourselves to so many friends lists?

    I was just going through all the diaries that I like to read so much and was adding myself to all the friends list. All of a sudden I get half way through it and it stops adding me to the lists when I hit add friend. So I just wonder if this is because I can only be on so many friends list?

    I am sure I will love this new thing once i get used to it…


  5. Question about the new system.

    Since the notify list checkbox is now gone from the entry posting screen, what happens now when an entry is posted?

    Specifically – I often write an entry, than modify it slightly, correcting spelling or HTML errors or some such.

    So that people don’t get notified every time I make a minor correction, I only would check the notify box on the initial post, to avoid multiple notify messages going out.

    What happens now?

    Will people get a notification e-mail every time I change an entry or is there some way to retain the ability to selectively send out notifications?


  6. I think I must have missed something. When I added myself to a diarist’s "friends" list, there was an option to allow notification or not.

    I thought the purpose of being a "friend" was to receive notifications. Are there other reasons to do it?


  7. Your entries today have reminded me of what I’m dreading in some of my upcoming programming classes. Ghosts in the Code.

    Hopefully you will not be haunted further with these bugs!

  8. Question:

    Is there a way to get the notify/friend list e-mails and those "you’ve got a new reader comment" sent to different e-mail addresses? Hotmail is a wee bit nitpicky about storage space and I’m on a LOT of notify lists so my inbox fills up way too fast. So… is there, is there, is there?

  9. Having more problems . . . I think maybe just my link is corrupted or not complete? Everytime I now try to get added, as when I click on the link on this diary, I get to my page and hit the ‘add friend’ button, and then my computer freezes or outright crashes. Here’s what shows in the address line:

    Now, I think after the pl it should say my diary number or something? I am hoping this is a fixable problem here at DD and not a system problem of my own. Thanks for your help!

    I hope it’s okay to leave this comment here, I will also copy it and email it ot the support box.

  10. Are you planning to later add an option that will allow non-DD users to be on notify lists, or will they have to register like they intend to keep a DD, even though they won’t actually do so, and get onto the notify list that way? I ask because four of the people on my list (were on my list) are non-DD users. Thanks.

  11. Ah, yes, I am somewhat confused as well. Not that I don’t think you’re doing a great job, because you are. I’m just wondering how to contact the people who were on my notify list and I had no idea who they were. Poor them.

    Of course, I’m just being completely egotistical. I don’t want to lose my regular readers!!! I’m sure if they want to continue to read me they will work it out. I just feel as if I’ve let them down. Are they being notified of the change, even if they didn’t have a DD account? Thanks. 😉

  12. yaye, well i for one love the new system
    i think its an excellent idea, i now know *exactly* who is on my notify list, they are no longer anonymous email addresses, and i even have the opportunity to restrict people if i happen to not want them on there
    thankyou!! :))


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