Plus Account Bug

The expiry process for Plus accounts hasn’t worked since we moved servers (I thought it was a bit quiet on the expiry notice front!) which means that when it does finally run this week (assuming I have now correctly fixed it!) that some people will get expired and will only get the ‘You have expired’ (of course not them personally having expired – their account!) email, without first getting the ‘You will expire in one week’ email first…

Sorry about that!


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  1. Yup.. I was notified. Notified right there in my e-mail box. Notified good.. And I hurried on over. To let you know I was notified.. By the by.. Did I mention I was notified?

    Well, I’ll be going now.. Waiting to be notified again.

  2. You, works.

    By the way… I think you should make everyone get a notification about deardiary1, at least until people know about the change to Hamiko, and a list of changes. None of my friends who use DD know about anything because they don’t read deardiary1. 🙂

  3. I’ve been having a wonderful time saying, "What? You don’t read deardiary1? But everything that’s important that happens to this site is there!"

    It’s a wonderful thing to be "in the know".

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