Plus Account Price Reduction

I have reduced the prices for a Plus account today by 49p (85c US) to £2.50 for a month, £12.50 for six months (down by £2.49 ($4.40US)), and to £22.50 for a year (down by £4.49 ($7.90US)).

If you’ve only just recently paid for a new subscription at the old price please mail me directly and I’ll arrange either for a refund of the difference or to credit your Plus account with extra time, whichever you prefer.

The reduction is to try to compensate from the fact that US Dollar to Pound conversion is just horrid at the moment making it really expensive for all the Americans. Hopefully this reduces the price sufficiently 🙂

If you’ve no idea what all the features are you get from DD these days, click here for a quick run down! (Give it to your non DD friends too if they want to start a diary/journal!)


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