Couple of Bug Fixes This Evening

Hi all, bugs abound! Actually that’s not necessarily true, but there are a couple that have been fixed this evening, bizarrely in stuff that I thought I already fixed a while ago.

The show my hits scripts are (or were) showing zero hits for the last 24 hours, which was clearly wrong – thanks to F for mailing in and letting us know. I made some changes to the scripts to consolidate how they operated (previously I had three seperate scripts that any time a bug fix was made needed to be applied to all three places – there is now only one) which I suspect is where the problem came from.

Secondly, the Last 10 Updated Diaries had been reset to be updated only once every ten minutes, which should be more often than that since I fixed the queries up to be more efficient, so that should update more often now too.

Have a good evening!

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