Graphics Issues

I’ve presently removed ALL public images from the system and am in the process of re-approving the reasonably useful ones. Over the last 4 years we’ve gathered a huge amount (somewhere around 32,000) images and a lot of them just don’t work well as backgrounds or buttons and such like. So there’s now going to be a bit more ‘artistic’ decision when it comes to allowing public images as well as whether they’re decent or not.

Of course I am not much of an artist so there’ll be a wide discrepancy in perhaps what people want public and what I accept but oh well 🙂

Anyway, give me a few more hours and they should be back, those that are coming.


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  1. Hey, if we’re using a public image as one of the many backgrounds that we have the option to set will it now show up as a blank square with that link missing icon instead of the image?

    Janny-Girl <3

    PS: Man, I JUST redid my diary graphics too. 😀

  2. i think people should not be allowed to make them public, if they have a graphic set they would like to share they should email them to a particular account to be approved and then put on the system. This way you can control to make sure they include everything (all the buttons needed for navigation etc)

    Just a thought 🙂


  3. "Does this mean you are banishing that jarring 5 inch "previous entry button" that’s a chihuahua head with beady eyes? Can I start cheering now?"

    I couldn’t help laughing on reading that. I couldn’t agree more. The thing scared me a little when I first came across it…

    Some people might be against this desicion, however I think it’s pretty bright in face of images such as the evil chihuahua. I couldn’t possibly imagine anyone using it…

    Mad World

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