Major Customizer Change

Hi All,
I’ve changed the way the backgrounds and button image selection works in the customizer. The previous system was a (n unworkable) drop down list of all the backgrounds on the system which worked ok while there were about 10 backgrounds on the system, but fell rather short of ‘good user interface design’ when there were 300 there!

The new system does away with the drop down list, replacing it with text showing you the current choice. Next to that is a hyperlink which replaces the ‘View Available’ button with ‘Choose Image’. Clicking the link will show you all the available images, each one containing a button. Clicking the button will choose the image for the relevant customization option…

It doesn’t make much sense when its explained like that – hopefully it makes sense when you try to use it.

As usual, any problems drop me a line.


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  1. I didn’t completely understand what you were saying so I went to check it out and see what the difference was. When I read there was no drop down menu I became afraid I wouldn’t understand it all.

    However I like the new change. It makes it easier for me to pick the one I want. This way I don’t have to remember the whole name of the image I want to use.

    You guys are making some AWESOME changes!

  2. Thank you. It makes perfect sense when I go look at it. So much simpler to use. Now it won’t be such a headache to change my diary’s look.. I’ll have a new one every week.. Every day.. EVERY SECOND.. MUAHAHAHAHA.. Er.. ‘Scuse me.

  3. I can’t find my private images in the selection list…

    Am I just not looking hard enough?

    (suggestion: maybe alphabatize the names or at least group all of the names of users who have submitted designs together. I know you have a busy enough life as it is, but it might make it a little easier.)

  4. I’ve just check it out and I think it’s pretty much awesome!

    Shame is I only just changed the layout of my DD two days ago… *lol*.
    But it’s great to know that the next time it’ll need a change I can make it look pretty in a much easier way.

    Thanks! Keep up the excellent work!

  5. Hi Steve. I just changed the design of my private diary. I like the new one you did for the graphics because I can preview what i wanna upload. But because I usually use my own private images, I see it as taking me some time to click and upload each one. But anyhow, it’s a welcome improvement.


  6. I like the other changes but what on earth happened to my welcome and index pages?

    They went back to factory >:|

    I thought all of "those" changes were done already…

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