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If you’re a Plus user who’s been affected by the downtime over the past few days please e-mail me privately ([email protected]) to get an extra week added to your Plus subscription by way of apology and compensation for the inability to use the system over the last few days.

There are still some residual issues I need to clear up, but it looks pretty likely that the main biggie is now nailed…

Thanks for your patience and support guys. If anyone see’s any really negative entries from people who are really pissed about the downtime over the last few days, please leave them a (nice) comment and point them to this diary so that people can understand what went wrong. Or point them to the forums – or point me to the diary so I can explain 🙂

Cheers all!

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  1. Well, as one of your Plus Users, I’m very glad the site is back. I ended up having quite the breakdown while my diary was down. Of course, life helped that along. The diary issues was just another staw on the camel’s back. Anyway, thanks for the hard work. I’m sure it was a pain in the posterior. Anyway, back to business as usual on my diary.

  2. Funny you should make that offer. I was just talking with another diarist yesterday, saying that there’s no way that you were being adequately compensated for the grief of the last few days. We were wondering if there were any way to make a donation to the site above and beyond our basic membership as a sort of "thank-you" for all your hard work over the past days.

  3. If we write a really nasty comming in a "just venting" diary does it still count as a nasty comment or a non-confrontational way of being angry? Hypothetically speaking of course. Just kidding.

    I don’t know about the rest of the DD world but in my DD world it has been a trick for years to get the pages to load. Back in the day sometimes the darn thing just refused to load at all for me and it would be like that a few times a week. I think even with the few days of down time at least my loading has been considerably better for the most part. So I’m ok with the down time and don’t hold it against you.

  4. WEll…. coming back to DD after forever of tryign to get on all week…. I must say, I was VERY confuzzled by the new layout. I"m trying to figure it out… but I"m just….. frightened by change perhaps I"ll learn to love it if you do Steve!

  5. Well, if I could afford the subscription I’d definitely be complied to get one now. Great customer service.. But I’m a poor, soon to be full time student. 🙁 I’ll take one for free?

  6. thanks for sorting it out!

    i don’t understand the jargon either (no surprise there then), but i think it is you who deserve something for sorting the whole thing out and putting up with us!

    I might have missed you telling us about this but did you know that the hits counter is down??

    I am thrilled pink though to have DD back up and running.

    (((DD workers)))

  8. I think you all did a great job in getting the ddnet up and running again so quickly. It’s definitely appreciated, so hats off to you. I also think it’s great that you are offering Plus customers like myself an extra week on our subscription in compensation.

    If the negative comments make you feel bad here’s my two pence worth to balance it out I’m probably the only one who got something good out of the site being down I caught up on my finals work!

    Rachel x

    Ok, I will take you up on the free week as a premium user but there are bigger issues. There are mass defections going on here and while they might not be premium users, they are well read long-term diarists and I am getting concerned at the numbers leaving.

    I have written an entry asking them not to go but I am not sure how many (if any) will listen to me. If I am concerned, you should be, too. Another diarist and I were chatting earlier and he commented on it also.

    Sorry to be a thorn in your side but I thought that you would want to know that it is nearly running to riot around here.

    Take Care,

    I do not really know how i can reach you about this but I wanna recommend two diaries for their entries which has sparked an awareness in the DD community to help out with our soldiers in Iraq. The first one is Bubbles1956. She started it all by posting entries on how to reach the soldiers there. Her little crusade triggered others to take action and help. It is actually a series of entries, but maybe this entry is where you can find others reacting positively,

    26 Apr 2004 – List of items most requested for our Troops , Bubbles 1956

    Then she got Sezrah’s attention and she too helped out. Becuase Sezrah is one of the most popular diarists, she was able to solicit more help. She too posted a series of entries about this crusade and stirred us to help and send packages.

    28 Apr 2004 – parcels for iraq , Sezrah

    I think even if they are not seeking this recognition, the two ladies deserve to be the entries of DD.

    Please consider them. It will be a great encouragement for the two. 🙂

    I hope this comment , though maybe inappropriately placed here will gain your favorable attention.



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