Font Size Tweak

I’ve increased the font size on the front page slightly – for anyone that doesn’t notice 😉


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  1. Thanks! I can read this much better now.

    I’m also gratefull for the return of the past 24 hour list, I tend to use it a lot.

  2. "The entry title in the last 10 updates will now show as a tooltip when you mouse over. The full, non abbreviated entry title shows in the tooltip."

    Howabout addding it for the Most Popular Diaries and such as well. The diary names are also truncated.

    BTW – remember to use "title" for all tooltip intentional behavior, instead of the "alt" tag on images. According to the HTML spec, title is the one to use. (I learned this when I switched to FireFox as my main browser, and all my "alt" image based tool tips stopped working :-)).

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