OK, Give Me A Clue….

Hi guys,
This isn’t a whinge or a moan, its a genuine request for help because this has floundered for too long now and I’m getting depressed about it…

What do I have to do to make this place (DearDiary.Net) viable as a business? Even one that might one day pay its own server fees would be a start.

What do I need to offer (apart from sex – lol) that would generate cash from this thing? I want ideas please. Lots of people promised they’d become Plus members when I sorted out the database issues and the forums went nuts. So far one person has! So, what am I missing? There has to be something…

Is it too expensive? Is it just not worth it? Are people not aware of all the other things that are provided (Hamipiks, HamiMail, OpenFiction, Forums etc)…

So, feedback please – tell me why… And if you know of someone who uses DD and doesn’t read this diary – poke them and get them to at least read this entry 😉


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