DNS Issues Causing Mucho Grief

Having moved DearDiary to its own IP address, I have unfortunately stuffed up potentially in a big way… The domain name server appears to have been set to allow systems to cache the answers for up to 5 days, instead of the 1 hour I thought it was at… This means that most of the site would appear unavailable until then.

I have however setup a redirection on www.deardiary.org to redirect to (the new address). This was OK, except that a lot of the new pages had hardcoded full (ie non referential) urls in them, meaning that although the front page would come up nicely, the rest wouldn’t because the redirection always takes you back to the front page…

So a quick recode on a bunch of stuff to ensure that all the links are internal to the site, and I think its all relatively ok now…

Let me know if you find any that are still broken.


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  1. I found one bug-a-boo. I can access diaries from the links on the home page, but from the show all diaries for 24 hours page, the links don’t work. I have to type in the new address to get to them.

  2. OK…Question..if things seemed to be squared away does this mean that I shouldn’t have had to type the in the place of http://www.deardiary.org? Because when I clicked on the link in the notify it took me page where you chose a catagory and hit show on it. It didn’t take me to your entry. So what I did it I typed the IP address in place of http://www.deardiary.org and it allowed me to read your entry…

    Just thoughts I should ask…


    You’ve got bugs cropping up in the most recent entry list.

    The links are referencing the wrong subdomain, so when you click on a diary link, it fails.

    I noticed it while looking at entries posted in the last 24 hours.

    A sample link is:


    instead of:


    People are being sent to http://iis.deardiary.net which doesn’t seem to exist.

    Tried posting to the support forums, but that server was running so slow, it was hopeless.


  4. Just wanted to say thanks on the picture front. The other diary that I had noticed with this problem is ok now, too. Thanks bunches for all the hard work you guys do. You’re the best!


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