Slowdowns lockups and general woes

Hi guys,
The site went to rats whatsits while I was in Australia, as many of you noticed. However, I think I’ve discovered why and although I’ve not fixed it I have implemented a work around. Basically the new front page has a nasty memory leak somewhere and as the site gets busier the leak gets worse. The workaround is that IIS is automatically restarted every 90 minutes. Fortunately Microsoft make that quite nice by allowing the old IIS process to carry on serving requests while the new process starts up. When the new process is fully servicing people’s requests then the old one dies gracefully and no-one knows any different…

Its only been in place a day, but so far it looks like it might have been a success… Keep me posted if you know different!

Oh yeah, I’m back from Australia and had a fantastic time with some fantastic people. I am looking forward to going back again as soon as I possibly can.

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  1. Seems like the notifies are not working or are having a REAL nice lag time, or all my friends are having a slow journaling day… I’m checking right now on the recent update list.

    The forum page wont open in full on my end. Been wanting to post there but I cant log in. MOst times it gives me a fatal error. Wonder what it was.

    Sorry i said it here. Too lazy to even post thru my email.


  3. I noticed that the search option didn’t work if you went to search for keywords. I didn’t try diarist user name so it may be both. Just wanted to let you know but it’s nto really a support question.

  4. Glad you are back and also that you had a good time. I would absolutely LOVE to visit Australia! However, Ireland comes first for me.

    Take care and thanks as always for all your wonderful work here!

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