Annoying Private Comment Tickbox Niggle Fixed

I was made aware this evening of an annoying niggle when trying to leave private comments for people..

Mark the comment as private by placing a tick in the relevant tickbox, click ‘The Button’ to add the comment. When you read it back you realise you made a typo so you click the ‘No! Let me edit it again’ button. When you are returned to the comment entry screen, the tickbox no longer has a tick in it and your comment, when re-presented to the system, is now going to be public.

The tickbox now remembers it’s previous state when you are returned to the comment input screen.

Apologies for that one, it appears it has caught a few people out – it is now fixed.


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  1. I think the point that was being made that comments should AUTOMATICALLY be private when the entry is private, otherwise people have to write all over their entries "Please leave private comments only" so that anyone visiting the page cannot see them and know what the entry may have been about.

    At the moment if someone writes a private entry, the comments are automatically public and can be seen by anyone, unless they specifically write a private comment 🙂

  2. Oh, how this particular little whoopsy has tripped me up in the past! I’ve ended up leaving some VERY interesting public comments by accident.

    I really like the idea of friends only entry comments being automatically private, though. Very good idea.


  3. You da Man Steve!

    Hey, I don’t suppose there is any way to make a little box in the private graphics so you can delete several at a time?

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