Work Begins

Just a quick note to give some indication that work has begun on the return to Linux. I have begun installing a Linux server that will look to all intents and purposes like the server that DD will move to when everything is ready. In this way I can test everything and make sure its all fine before beginning the move. It will also give me an environment I can work offline for when I am away from a high speed internet connection because at the moment everything is developed and done on the live server, which is never a good idea.

On another issue, some of you may have noticed that some of the adverts have changed in places. I’m trialling Google AdSense on some pertinent pages and so far the response is looking pretty good. Shortly after I installed the AdSense ads I was approached to sponsor a worthy cause against poverty in the world through Opportunity International. The company that is organizing some sponsored activities and fund raising towards this cause has promised that if $5000 (Australian Dollars) is raised by the people then the company will donate a further $5000. I’ll give more details about that as and when is appropriate, however at this point I have pledged to give the money raised from the Google AdSense adverts for the month of August and September to the cause. Although Google AdSense are pay per click they do seem to be doing quite well so if you have ad blocking software, please try to be nice and allow ads to be shown on DearDiary.Net – thanks.

If anyone wants to provide any donations or wants further information please drop me a line and I will forward your details to the person who approached me.


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    i think something’s wrong right now? i cant log in to the front page cuz its givng a sercver application error.

    also, the open fiction site has been giving an error page for long now. same with the forum site. just thought i can say it here. thanks.

    i came through the backdoor that’s why am in my diary and you are in my dropdown menu link. i can surf my friend’s dd through that.


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