Weekend Downtime

I was alerted over the weekend a number of times that DD was having a bit of an issue but unfortunately I couldn’t get to the site until just now in order to fix it. The problem was that the table used to record hits to each persons diary, for the show my hits script, had managed to get over 12 million rows in it and then crashed. I’ve adjusted one of the scripts to chop the data down each week since it will only go back up to a week anyway so the problem shouldn’t re-occur.

Don’t forget, for the free users who see ads, that clicking on ones that are of interest to you does actually help to pay for the site. 🙂


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  1. I am a free user of DD for a year now. But ever since I started here, I havent seen a pop-up ad on any page. NOT that I want one. Lol.

    Thanks for fixing DD. How about the Open Fiction site? Still shows me an error page.


  2. Thanks for getting it fixed again..

    I am a paid user (well now my other diary is a paid one) and when I am logged in I still get pop ups..Not that I am complaining..I don’t really mind them.

    Anyway..Thanks a million!

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