I think…

Therefore I am?

No, um, I think it’s all back up – DearDiary.Net that is, the forums, Hamipiks and OpenFiction are still down at the moment due to me only having one pair of hands 🙂 The DNS has not yet changed I am using the old server as a proxy front end for the new server in case I have to switch off in a hurry. Once I’m happy that things really are working ok then I shall adjust the DNS too. I don’t foresee any major problems that will require me to roll it all back to the old server so it shouldn’t be long.

What that means though is that for the time being the username subdomains will NOT work (ie, you can’t get to this page by going to http://deardiary1.deardiary.net) until the DNS is successfully switched. Everything else should work just fine though.

As usual please let me know if there’s anything broken. Once this change settles down I can get on and do my planned improvements.

Anyone that wants to use HamiMail will need to e-mail me personally ([email protected]) and put in a request at the moment – the system is not in place to do it automatically. Please remember as of now that you need to be a Plus user in order to have a @deardiary.net address and use HamiMail.

Ok – go have fun – let’s see what happens next!!


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