w.bloggar support….


Oooops. OK, so nobody tested that before we moved. It won’t work, the pages at DD to support it are all written in ASP.Net and will need to be changed.

Give me a couple of days and I’ll get it back up for you Yetz…

Also (and I knew about this already but I’ll come clean now) you will be unable to renew your Plus accounts at the moment – if they expire then I can give you a manual mechanism but I hope to have that fixed very shortly too.


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  1. I just tried to post an entry from Bloggar but got an error message. That must be because of the transition. I copied and pasted instead.
    I’ll try again tomorrow and see if it’s working then.

    Thanks for the new stuff!!

  2. I want to let you know that I appreciated having the little explination screen come up when DD was down. It was so much more reasuring than in the past when the page just wasn’t found. Thanks for that extra bit of service!

  3. I am trying to post this on DD1 as a comment but my passwords aren’t being honored after many attempts. NOw I could cuz I found the trick how. Lol.

    Just to help you troubleshoot things….

    1.) My graphics and button designs aren’t showing up.:((( All I see are squares with x’s.

    2.) My password is rejected on some diaries I tried to comment to. And I have attempted not less than three times.

    On others though, I noticed my username and password were already logged in which if it’s already logged in, my comments get posted, but if it’s not and I type it in, my comment box would say wrong username/password. Hmmmm…..

    My trick? I go back to my dropdown menu and re-enter my friend’s diary page to get in a comment box with my id logged in again. Did you make it autolog-in? I hope not.


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