A number of odd problems

First, if you’re using Chinese BIG5 character encoding don’t post anything at the moment – something is wrong and it won’t save your message properly. I need to investigate what has gone wrong there and at the moment I don’t have any idea.

Hamipiks will be coming back online later today, its the next one I’m working on and hopefully it will go smoother than this!

Lots of people have noticed large sections of blank space in their entry headers/footers and indexes. I don’t yet know what’s causing this and will look into it today – in the meantime there’s no point trying to edit those for yourself, it is a glitch and editing it appears to make it worse unfortunately.

w.bloggar support is offline and will be returning once I can recode the page, which will happen shortly after Hamipiks and elongated texts is done… Hopefully today.

Plus renewals are manual at the moment so if you need or want to ‘Go Plus’ please feel free but bear with me as I have to manually update the database so it knows you’re a Plus holder.

As previously mentioned going to YourUsername.deardiary.net will take you to the front page at the moment. There is nothing I can do to speed that process up, its down to the nameservers across the world to catch up. Some people will see it working fine and others won’t. In the meantime you can always get to your diary by going to www.deardiary.org/show/diary.pl/YourUsername (where yourusername is replaced with of course, your username…)

I imagine few will read this because the amount of support requests I’m getting for stuff I have already said in here is unbelievable but oh well – some people are reading it at least 🙂

Sorry for the hassles, I am doing my best to get them resolved…


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  1. I dunno if this is "area wide," but I clicked "Random Entry" on my diary out of morbid curiosity.. Call it boredom. Anyway, an entries page popped up but the titles didn’t line up with the proper entries. It happens whenever I click random entry. Obviously not a support issue, and I’m not overly concerned with it. When I click onto an entry via the index link then it works fine.. I just thought I’d mention it in case it points to a potentially larger issue.

  2. I’m having the same issues with graphics that Labyrinth is. I tried to follow the instructions that you gave her but once I get to customize I don’t know where to go to fix it.

    There’s no place for me to manipulate the actual graphics codes.

  3. Januarygirl, actually that Random entry problem is one I noticed about 3 years ago in my miraclewhip diary.

    One of the title-entry mixups was pretty funny, but embarrassing! And the Randomness of the Universe (or at least of the Random entry generator) must have a pretty quirky sense of humor, because it KEPT on coming up most of the time when I hit Random!

    I’m pretty sure I entered the problem in the problem log back then, and then I took the Random Entry feature off my diary through the Customizer.

  4. I think you are doing a wonderful job Steve, I guess we all have to remember that the whole purpose of doing this move is to improve things for people and also the Linux server was more compatible with all the features you want to add to the Plus users accounts.

    It will take some time to sort things out – in the end things will be running MUCH better than they have been – finally all the changes you have been talking about over the years are now being put in place and as you are doing it ALL BY YOURSELF, everyone just needs to be patient and understand everything will be MUCH better in the end 😉

    Cheers and thanks for the hard work! (Especially since you don’t get paid to put in all these hours)


    PS: Non Plus users should keep clicking DD ads and help keep DD afloat! 😀

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