A (mildly) interesting statistic

In a few days DearDiary.Net will be 5 years old…

On that day in 1999, we served about 100 pages, most of which I suspect were me and Matt playing around…

Today, in the last 20 minutes, we’ve served 12,467 diary pages alone, that’s not including pages such as the front page, or reader comments additions… From 1085 different IP addresses and 28 of those were IP addresses the system hasn’t seen before…

Not bad eh? 🙂

(Annoyingly if our advertising figures had held true we’d both be multi-millionairres by now too with that amount of hits – oh well, can’t have everything)

No wonder my support mailbox went nuts when things broke…

For those still waiting for Hamipiks, it is coming… Its a 4.5G download from the old server, and the first attempt I had succeeded only for unzip on the server to tell me the file was too big and it couldn’t handle it. So I had to repackage it in a different file format (which takes its time too) and refetch it. It’s still downloading some 3 hours later!!

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  1. Wow, I didn’t understand A WORD of what you said in those first two paragraphs….

    That’s why YOU are the Fearless Leader and *I* am Yetzirah… the meek and clueless !

    THANK YOU for your efficiency in fixing the chinese characters problem!! it’s really nice to see things working probably now. THANKS again for your great help in this!! makes my life easier & happier.

    you’re doing great, steve. i just hope you’ll figure out how to fix that vast space glitch as it kinda annoys me. i have lost the mood to write an entry and wouldnt want my readers wondering where it went when it’s just way down below the page.

    more power, and more wisdom, mr. diary master!


  4. Well, thanks for all the hard work. But yeah, I didn’t understand any of that either. Of course, I don’t need to. That’s why you do the coding, and I do the wacky diary ramblings. Still… Thank you for this place. It has without a doubt saved my life.

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