Adding Reader Comments

I think the reader comment problem should now be fixed – I had a PHP setting that I had missed when I switched servers so that it forced people to use cookies. Unfortunately there’s some personal firewalls and such like out there that feel ANY cookie is an invasion of privacy and therefore block them, or worse they molest them and make them worse than if they had blocked them.

So cookies are switched off for the PHP sessions, nobody should notice with any luck other than it all works again 😉


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  1. Not a question or anything this time. Just a comment.

    The username thing was working from the get go with me after you did your switch thing. Then all of a sudden stopped which is why I e-mailed you but now that they’re broke again they’re working for me.

    Computers can be real moody.

  2. I never had problems with the comment things..but thank goodness it is fixed..

    I am having problems with my pictures though..

    But I am confident that in time all will be well…

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