w.Bloggar Interface restored – OpenFiction.com Back Up

Hello all,
w.bloggar interface is now back up and running using a totally rewritten class and as a result I’ve fixed a long standing bug with it whereby updating an entry would always send out the new entry notification rather than the update notification – or the other way round, I forget which way it was but its now fixed 🙂

This entry is posted with w.bloggar, so if it’s worked correctly then you know for sure it’s working 🙂 And of course any bugs I find with it I shall fix shortly 🙂

Also, despite the hosting providers best endeavours to deny there is a problem at their end, I have brought OpenFiction.com up. Unfortunately in order to do that I have had to disable the hosting providers name servers for openfiction.com and deardiary.net which means we’re running on only one nameserver. If that nameserver falls over the domain will temporarily become unresolvable. You may on occasion find pages don’t load because of ‘Host Not Found’ type errors. I am bashing the hosting provider to tell them to get it sorted!

So, hopefully this posts fine 🙂


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    you’re doing well, steve. thanks alot for the effort poured. are you sure the top ten list is really statistically credible? lol. just curious.


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