Entry Of The Week Discontinued

I have decided to remove the Entry Of The Week. Many of the diarists who appeared as Entry Of The Week complained they did not want the limelight and often it caused controversy because people believed that their choice was a better choice than the one I made (and often they may well have been right!) and all in all it offered little to the community and has therefore been removed.

In it’s place on the front page I have put a panel containing the Latest System News entry, this is because I received SO many support requests over the time that I was changing things on the system, about things that were answered in this diary. Diarists would have received an answer to their questions MUCH quicker if they’d read here first because a lot of stuff was answered here first.

I’d ask you, if you’re a regular user of DearDiary.Net, and you’re not already listing deardiay1 user as a friend of yours, please do so and elect to receive the notifications when this diary is updated, so that you can stay in touch.

Fairly shortly I hope to implement an RSS feeder for the site so that people can stay up to date using RSS as well… You can learn more about RSS by clicking to this CNet Article

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