Friends Only Entries

Friends Only entries absolutely require cookies in order to work. If your computer, for whatever reason, is not accepting cookies from us (or is deliberately corrupting them as some (brain damaged) personal firewall software seems to do) then you will probably experience the following symptoms;

You enter your login name and password into the Friends Only entry and you click Login.
You briefly see a screen that says ‘You were authenticated and will be redirected momentarily’
When you are redirected, you are logged out again.

Thats a problem with your cookies. has a good article on cookies here.

If you’re running a personal firewall (and I’d highly recommend you DO) then you need to visit the homepage for that Personal Firewall and find out how you can allow cookies for to pass unobstructed. All the products should allow you to customize your cookie usage – and of course don’t forget to tell your web browser that it needs to allow cookies for as well.

Note that allowing cookies for does NOT allow cookies for our advertisers in case that’s something you’re worried about. The advertisers use a different domain – though I’d ask you that if you’re a free user and you’re not allowing cookies from the advertisers to have a little thought for how the site is funded of course… Without advertisers there wouldn’t be any free access to the site – please bear it in mind.

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  1. The EOTW week discussion is the only change recently written in enough english for me to understand. You might as well be typing Cantonese when talking in computer lingo with me.

    I figure if people don’t e-mail back or respond to a comment then they’re out of luck. But your vote for me button things seems better anyways. I haven’t used that since I started here forever ago so I don’t even remember where it was located.

  2. If we click on the banners that come up do you get extra funding because I click on them all the time since cooler stuff comes up now adays. I typically don’t buy stuff though. So is it something where I have to buy something from the banners or is just clicking fine? Obviously I see them so you get your points that way automatically.

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